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Now you can Shop Tax-Free 100% digitally in every store.

Tax Free in France with Woonivers

Tax-Free shopping in France with Woonivers. Claim your Tax Refund directly from your smartphone at the best price

Time limit for customs approval:

Departure within three months from the month of purchase.

Standard VAT:


Food & Books:


Minimum Spend:

€100.01 on the same day and in the same store.

Traveller Flow

The FAQ’s

Woonivers will support you and help you throughout the whole process to make your VAT refund successful.

What do I ask at the store?

Simply ask for a full invoice including the following details and then scan it with the Woonivers App:

  • Your name and Surname (Not mandatory)
  • Woonivers France SAS
  • 27 rue La Boétie; 75008 Paris

(not required but sometimes requested)

  • VAT number: FR 818 897 636 60 
  • Company registration number (SIRET): RCS PARIS 889 763 66000012

What kind of invoice I need to scan?

To guarantee that the App works perfectly and to do everything digitally please ask for a full invoice in the store. 

Some simple receipts may be not complete to proceed with your reimbursement. 

What goods are eligible to Tax-Free?

All the items you can take with you on your trip.

Is there a minimum amount I have to spend to do Tax Free.

Up from 100,01€ All your purchases are eligible for Tax Free. You can also add-up different invoices from the same store and day to exceed the 100,01€ bar.

Am I elegible for Tax Refunds?

Yes, if you are a resident outside of the European Union and your stay in the EU is less than six months.

As a European National, am I eligible for Tax Refunds?

Only non-residents of the European Community (for over 6 months of the year) are eligible to be considered for tax refunds Note: Members of diplomatic and consular missions and international organizations posted to France are not eligible for tax refunds.

Are you coming back to Norway, Switzerland or Iceland?

You must present yourself with your hold luggage and hand luggage at the customs office in the departure hall before checking this luggage in.

Are you a UK resident?

Since the application of Brexit, UK residents are also eligible to go tax-free shopping in France.

France is not your Exit point from the EU?

For flights with stopovers, you should print our QR form to be stamped by the customs service in the country you depart from (European Union country). Objects in your hand baggage must be certified by the services of the country you are passing through.

You fly from Madrid to Beijing (your country of residence), but a stopover in Paris. You should validate your tax refund form in Paris.

You fly from Madrid to Beijing, but spend a few days in Paris. You should validate your tax refund form in Paris. Your last point of exit from the EU.

What should i know at the airport?

You need to validate your DER (Electronic Refund Document) at the airport. You can do it electronically or manually at the customs (Tax-Free) area. To proceed, you will need to have ready:

  • Passport
  • All your purchases
  • Your boarding pass.

Note: Customs authorities in any of the 27 EU member states are mandated to validate tax-free forms issued in any of the other 26 EU member states.

Are you carrying your goods in your hold luggage or your hand luggage?

Hold Luggage: Before checking in your luggage, present yourself at the customs office in the departure hall. Subsequently, you must store the goods in your luggage and check this luggage in immediately.

Hand Luggage: Take your goods in your hand luggage through the security check and passport control.Subsequently, take your hand luggage to the nearest customs office.

Once there, show the documents and goods, Customs will stamp your invoice for export purposes.

Does Woonivers charge any fees for helping with your refund?

We are the only ones who don't charge hidden fees for all kinds of things. We want to be transparent and for that, we only get a 9% commision from your total reimbursement.

How long does it take to receive my refunds?

Nothing, as soon as you validate your forms and you are back in your residence country, your refunds will be available in your Woonivers Wallet to be transferred in your favorite payment method.

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