The next generation of Tax-Free shopping: 100% mobile!

Reinventing Tax-Free shopping for travelers, and retailers: Claim your tax refund directly from your smartphone!

First tax-free mobile App
with license to operate in Spain and Belgium
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has been recognized as one of the best ideas
and awarded as the
Best Tax-Free App in Spain & Belgium

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The first mobile-only tax-free provider

The traditional tax-free process is a time consuming, dated experience, and in most cases a largely offline experience. This is where we differ!

In Woonivers, we’re reinventing Tax-Free shopping, providing a mobile-only, contactless and multichannel solution.

Install our App and claim your tax refund in less than 5 minutes, directly from your smartphone!

We make tax-free process easier, without any cost
for your business

Here at Woonivers we have identified the need for an easier, speedier, and safer tax refund process for retail staff.

That’s why tax-free couldn’t be easier with us — Once travel shoppers make a purchase online or in-store, businesses simply deliver the same standard invoice as everyone else.

This eradicates the need for business staff to integrate additional processes since everything is done by the travel shoppers in the Woonivers App.

We take Tax-Free shopping to the next level!


Manage the whole tax refund process from your smartphone

Without queues

Simply request a standard receipt in-store. Scan your receipts and we’ll do the rest!


Woonivers is an officially licensed tax-free operator from Spain

No integration

No need to integrate new processes since everything is done in the App

How works Woonivers?

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Are you a store?
Simply deliver to your customer the same standard ticket/invoice as everyone else. And you’re done, we’ll handle everything else!

Are you a traveler?
Once you make a purchase in a physical store or e-commerce, download the Woonivers mobile app and start your tax refund process from your smartphone.

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Whenever you buy something in a store associated with Woonivers, get your ordinary sales receipt and, as soon as possible, scan it with the app

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The day you are leaving the EU, before departure, locate the VAT validation machine in the port or airport (in Spain these are called “DIVA machines”), and pass the refund request code in your app in front of the reader in the machine.

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Traveler After we are notified that the tax authority has validated the tax refund request, your money will be available in the app for you to withdraw it.

We are committed to the UN SDGs.(United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)

Woonivers is the only Tax-Free solution making a positive impact.

We work towards building cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, and sustainable. As our technology helps retailers reduce paper waste by giving them a solution that allows them to offer a digital alternative to paper receipts, being paperless, means we are making the cities more sustainable by all means. Woonivers is contactless as we generate a contactless society avoiding the spread of future pandemics.

We are committed to the UN SDGs.(United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) Woonivers is the only Tax-Free solution making a positive impact.

We work towards building inclusive, safe, and sustainable cities. Our goal is to help all kinds of businesses and governments by being more competitive and efficient, unleashing dynamic and competitive forces that generate employment and income.

It’s our responsibility to introduce and promote new technologies, by offering a fully digital and contactless experience, facilitating safe international trade and sustainable tourism, enabling the efficient use of resources.


Digitation & innovation in the VAT refund industry

Sustainable paperless solution. Mobility - Smart cities.

Sustainable tourism, non-plastic, non hardware

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