• Several of the emergency service vehicles in France

    Emergency services in France and who to contact

    Emergency numbers to keep in mind when visiting France.   In life, accidents happen, and it is important to us that you stay safe when visiting France. Problems are unpredictable and can arise unexpectedly. Have you been a witness or...

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  • To show that Swiss can shop tax free, the town is close to the french border

    3 reasons Swiss residents should shop Tax Free in France

        Swiss opportunities to shop Tax-Free in France   Switzerland is not part of the European Union (EU). This is exciting because the country borders multiple EU countries, most notably France. Many Swiss residents travel across the Swiss-French border...

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  • Provides a clear message that the article discusses VAT - Value Added Tax

    VAT Rates in Europe: everything you need to know

      Everything you need to know about VAT rates in the EU Value Added Tax (VAT) - what is it? In life there are two things that are certain: death and taxes. If only there was a way that paying...

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  • European Union Flag, VAT refunds

    VAT Refunds: Minimum purchase thresholds in the EU

      Minimum purchase thresholds to qualify for VAT Refunds   Every country within the European Union has the right to specify their own regulations on Tax-Free shopping. As a result, most countries have different thresholds set for the minimum purchase...

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