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Tax-Free shopping in Belgium with Woonivers!

Standard VAT: 21%

Food & Books: 6%

Scan & Go

How to get your VAT refund in Belgium

Go Shopping and save your receipts.

Use the Woonivers App to scan your ID and all your receipts.

Woonivers – Easy Tax-Free

Go to Customs before leaving the EU to have your tickets stamped.

And you’re ready to go!

Woonivers will support you and help you throughout the whole process to make your VAT refund is a success.

Are you carrying your goods in your hold luggage or your hand luggage?

Hold Luggage: Before checking in your luggage, present yourself at the customs office in the departure hall. Subsequently, you must store the goods in your luggage and check this luggage in immediately.

Hand Luggage: Take your goods in your hand luggage through the security check and passport control. Subsequently, take your hand luggage to the nearest customs office.

Once there, show the documents and goods, Customs will stamp your invoice for export purposes.

Belgium is not your exit point from the EU?

If you are not leaving the EU from Belgium but from another EU country, you MUST print the forms that we will send you before leaving.


At your exit point of the EU, go to the nearby Customs office and show your printed documents to the Customs agent who will validate your tax-free forms with a physical stamp. Then you’ll have to scan that stamped form with the app so we can validate your refund.


Note: Customs authorities in any of the 27 EU member states are mandated to validate tax-free forms issued in any of the other 26 EU member states.

Are you coming back to Norway, Switzerland, or Iceland?

You must present yourself with your hold luggage and hand luggage at the customs office in the departure hall before checking this luggage in.

Are you a UK resident? (on)

Since the application of Brexit, UK residents are also eligible to go tax-free shopping in Belgium.

With Woonivers you save money and time!


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