Top 5 Travel Tips for Belgium

Top five tips for travelling in Belgium


Tips for traveling in Belgium


Belgium is a beautiful country, vibrant cities, welcoming locals, and beautiful countryside. Here are the top five travel tips for Belgium when exploring the country!


1. Go slow with Belgian beer

Belgian beer 🍺   is known not only for its quality, but also for its strength! The average alcohol-by-volume (ABV) of beer is typically around 4.5%, Belgian beers are well over this percentage with many of them reaching 8% or more! For example, the popular Duvel Belgian Golden Ale and Chimay come in at a whopping 8.5% and 9% respectively! 


In addition to this, many bars in Belgium have no last call when the nightlife is in full swing! So you can take your time to relax and enjoy your selection of over 1,000 different national and local beers to choose from! However, we do not advise trying them all in one night…


2. Second travel tip, Belgium is easy to explore

Map of Belgium's largest cities, tips for travelling in Belgium


The country is relatively compact and very well connected. All of the major cities: Antwerp, Brussels, Brugge, Ghent

, and Liège are all within two hours of each other , both by train and by car! This means you can visit multiple destinations in a single day and have plenty of time to explore each and every one of them! It is a great destination for road trips, and ideal for getting a strong feel of the country’s culture and history.



Showing the rainy weather of Brussels

3. Bring an umbrella and pack a raincoat

Similarly to England and northern France, rain is a common occurrence in Belgian life. Brussels, for example, experiences about 140 rainy days per year! ☔ However, although frequent, the rain is not particularly heavy. This provides the perfect opportunity to warm up with two of Belgium’s specialties: hot chocolate and of course, Belgian waffles! ☕



4. Don’t speak Dutch, German, or French? Not a problem!

While it is a great opportunity to learn and test your knowledge in some of the local languages, it is not necessary to. Many Belgians have a strong level of English with many of them being fluent in three or more languages! It should not be hard to carry on a conversation nearly everywhere you go. 



5. Bring some leisure & athletic-wear to take advantage of biking

Highlights the large number of bike users in Belgium

Belgium is a very bike friendly country. Many of the locals use bikes to travel around the city as a faster and green method of transportation. You will be able to rent bikes and blend in with the crowd! This is particularly true in the Flemish part of the country where there are more bikes than you can count!


These are the top five travel tips for Belgium from Woonivers! We want everyone to have the best journey possible. For more information about us and the services we provide, click here !