Emergency services in Belgium and who to contact

Emergency service contacts in Belgium and the corresponding vehicles

Emergency contact information in Belgium.

Have you witnessed or been involved in an incident in Belgium? When traveling, it is important to know who to contact in case of an accident. We recommend that you take note of the following telephone numbers in order to be prepared. Here is a list of the 5 most important phone numbers for emergency services in Belgium. cialis cijena

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If you have ever been involved or witness to an incident, you know how important it is to act quickly. Have you ever been traveling and not known who to call? Unfortunately this is an issue that is all too common but can easily be avoided! Here at Woonivers, we want your adventure in Belgium to go as smoothly as possible. To keep you well prepared, here are the five most important numbers to keep in mind during your next visit (hoping that you never have to call them!) .

⚠️ Before anything else, when contacting emergency services, you should know what information to provide. First of all, introduce yourself and the situation: specify if you were a witness or victim of an accident. If requested, please provide your full name and phone number. Secondly, provide the address and/or location of where the incident occurred. Follow the advice that is provided and do not hesitate to ask questions. Remember, emergency services are dedicated to helping you! The more information you provide, the better they will be able to assist you. For more information on how to call, click here.


112 – The European emergency number 🇪🇺

This is the most important number when traveling in Europe. If you could only know one number, this is the one to remember. Any issue requiring the action of an emergency service in a country of the European Union can be notified by calling [112]. No matter what part of Europe you find yourself in, this number is available 24/7 and will put you in contact with local emergency services of your current location.


100 – Ambulance and fire brigade services 🚑 🚒

In Belgium, dial [100] if you need to reach an ambulance or the fire brigade. This number will provide you with immediate medical assistance for urgent issues such as head trauma, difficulty breathing, haemorrhaging, loss of consciousness, and more. This number also provides access to the fire brigade, which deals with hazards such as gas leaks, fires, structural collapse, burns, electrocution, natural disasters, and traffic accidents. 


101 – Police 🚓

Dial [101] for the police if you witness or are the victim of violence, assault, theft or burglary.


116,000 – Child Protective services 👶

To reach child protective services, dial [116,000]. This pertains to abduction and sexual abuse of children in Belgium.


070 245 245 – Poison control center ☠️

For instances related to the exposure, consummation, or abuse of toxic, medical, or chemical substances, please dial [070 245 245]. The poison control center is at your side. 


If you have any intention or plans of traveling to Belgium, we recommend that you take note of the emergency services in Belgium. Here at Woonivers, we want to make your journey as smooth as possible. While we hope you never have to call emergency services, we want to be properly prepared in case something were to happen. Thank you for checking in with Woonivers, safe travels! OR

Our advice: add these numbers to your contacts so you have them to hand in the event of an emergency. And above all, stay safe. If you are planning a trip, keep these emergency service contacts in Belgium on hand!

Here at Woonivers we hope you have an amazing journey, for more information about us, click here!