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We launched Woonivers with the purpose of unleashing the huge potential of travel shopping. It’s our mission to enhance the customer’s journey while also boosting sales for retailers, which in turn, is transforming cities into safe attractive touristic destinations. Over the last two years, hundreds of retailers have trusted Woonivers to handle their operations and thanks to them, we’ve been able to offer a fully digital experience to the thousands of travelers that visited our country.Together we were able to empower the consumers with the ability to choose how they want to get reimbursed. What did they want? A simple and fast solution, with no lines and no hidden fees.

On top of innovating the sector of Tax-Free, taking care of clients, and establishing new business models, we have simultaneously had to defend from multiple attacks. Other operators and incumbents have done their best to defame us and destroy our progress in order to protect the traditional and outdated methods of the Tax Free sector. These dinosaurs prefer to benefit from a painful experience for consumers and block new entrants, rather than shift for the better of their customers.

For this reason, we are temporarily pausing our Tax-Free activity in Spain. Waiting for the regulatory agency to reconsider which path they want for our country. Currently they are protecting the incumbents from new competitors by withholding opportunities for new business and limiting consumers’ options, blocking any and all kinds of innovation. Right when they decide to get back on the right track and bet on a consumer-centered model, offering digitalization and transparency to the sector, Woonivers will be back.

During this time, our Tax-Free activity will be put on hold, however, Woonivers will continue fighting for innovation. Cooperating with the high-level authorities and leading organizations to elevate Spain to the forefront of global tourism.

The FAQ’s

Even if we don't offer our service in Spain, we will provide support and help you throughout the entire process to ensure that your VAT refunds are successful.

In Spain, it is your right as a consumer to claim your Tax-Free. It doesn't matter the final amount, every store is obligated to offer you this discount and they can do it in 2 different ways: With a Tax-Free operator or directly through the Tax Agency Page (full refund). 

The latest may take a bit longer but once you've got the DIVA Tax-Free form from the "Agencia Tributaria AEAT". You will get a full refund for your purchase. No fees at all. 

Only non-residents of the European Union (for over 6 months of the year) are eligible to be considered for tax refunds Note: Members of diplomatic and consular missions and international organizations posted to France are not eligible for tax refunds.

For flights with stopovers, you should print our QR form to be stamped by the customs service in the country you depart from (European Union country). Objects in your hand baggage must be certified by the services of the country you are passing through.

You fly from Madrid to Beijing (your country of residence), but a stopover in Paris. You should validate your tax refund form in Paris.

You fly from Madrid to Beijing, but spend a few days in Paris. You should validate your tax refund form in Paris. Your last point of exit from the EU.

Nothing, as soon as you validate your forms and you are back in your residence country, your refunds are available in your Woonivers Wallet to be transferred in your favorite payment method.

What goods are eligible to Tax-Free?

Hold Luggage: Before checking in your luggage, present yourself at the customs office in the departure hall. Subsequently, you must store the goods in your luggage and check this luggage in immediately.

Hand Luggage: Take your goods in your hand luggage through the security check and passport control.Subsequently, take your hand luggage to the nearest customs office.

Once there, show the documents and goods, Customs will stamp your invoice for export purposes.

If you are not leaving the EU from Belgium but from another EU country, you MUST print the forms that we will send you before leaving At your exit point of the EU, go to the nearby Customs office and show your printed documents to the Customs agent who will validate your tax-free forms with a physical stamp. Then you’ll have to scan that stamped form with the app so we can validate your refund

Note: Customs authorities in any of the 27 EU member states are mandated to validate tax-free forms issued in any of the other 26 EU member states.

Since the application of Brexit, UK residents are also eligible to go tax-free shopping in Belgium.

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